Term 1. General

1. These Terms of Services apply to all those who use this service related to the Web Application System (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) managed and operated by Soka University Admissions Section (hereinafter referred to as “Soka University”).
2. These Terms of Services specify the conditions of use.
3. Those applying to Soka University (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant(s)”) using this service are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

Term 2. Regarding the Applicants

1. Applicants means those who agree to these terms and use this service to submit their applications, and whose registrations are approved by Soka University.
2. Applicants shall use this service in accordance with these Terms and are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.
3. Minors must obtain consent from their parents or legal guardian when registering for this service. By registering to this service, users are deemed to have obtained consent from their parents or legal guardian.
4. Applicants are the individuals actually submitting the application. However, with the approval of the applicant, an individual may operate the system including the payment of the application fee on behalf of the applicant.

Term 3. Confirmation of Application

Application will be complete when Soka University receives the application materials after the applicant registers through this system, pays the application fee, and submit the materials via airmail within the application period. Even if the applicant pays the application fee, the application will not be accepted if the application materials are not submitted by the deadline.

Term 4. Credit Card

Following credit cards are accepted when paying the application fee through this service. With the automated payment processing, the credit card information provided will be directly sent to and processed by the settlement substituting company (Densan System Co.,Ltd.).

Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard

Term 5. Payment Method

Fees involved in the application using this service must be paid by credit card via this service.

Term 6. Cancellation of the Application Fee

Application Fees are non-refundable regardless of the reasons.

Term 7. Change of the Terms

Soka University may make changes to the Terms. After the changes are made, all the services and fees will be determined by the terms after the changes.

Term 8. Registration of the Applicants

1. The registration will be complete after the applicant registers in a prescribed way based on these Terms.
2. Soka University may not confirm the registration for those who fall under the following categories.
(1) When the application includes a false statement, makes incorrect entry, or omit information
(2) When there is an overlapped document.
(3) When Soka University judges that the applicant is not qualified.

Term 9. Service

1. Soka University offers this service to the applicants based on these terms.
2. When applicants are connecting to this service via networks in and outside of the country, applicants must obey the rules and regulations of the telecommunications carrier as well as the laws and regulations of all the countries involved in the connection.
3. Soka University has the right to change, add, or terminate part of or the whole service. In addition, Soka University does not bear any responsibility for issues caused by the changes.

Term 10. Obligations of the Applicants

1. Applicants are responsible for managing the equipment, facility, and telecommunication line necessary to use this service. Further, applicants are responsible for maintaining the environment to use the service, which includes the continuance of the services necessary to use the service provided by the telecommunications corporation.
2. Soka University does not bear any responsibility if the applicant could not use this service for not being able to maintain the environment described above.
3. Applicants are responsible for managing their own Login ID and password (hereinafter referred to as ID).
4. It is assumed that the applicants themselves used the service when the service is used with the registered ID. Soka University does not bear responsibility for any errors or loss caused by the use of the third party.
5. Applicants are not allowed to lend, transfer, sell, or pawn the application qualification to a third party. Applicants are also not allowed to release the ID nor change the ownership.
6. Applicants must promptly inform Soka University if any changes are made to the information already submitted.
7. Soka University has the right to ask the applicants to submit documents to prove the changes mentioned above.
8. Applicants are responsible for any loss that arises from their failure to inform the changes stated above. Soka University will not bear any responsibility.

Term 11. Information provided by the Applicants

1. Information provided by the applicants refer to all information (including photos, images, data etc.) uploaded or written on the website by the applicants. Applicants bear full responsibility for the information provided.
2. Applicants are prohibited to write or upload the following contents on our website:

a. any information that is untrue
b. anything that may or will damage the reputation of the university and/or a third party
c. anything that may or will obstruct the university operation
d. any content that includes licentious descriptions and/or nude photos
e. anything that may or will offend public order and morals
f. anything that may or will violate others’ rights
g. anything that may or will violate laws and regulations
h. anything that may or will have computer virus
i. any external link to a website other than the ones that Soka University recognizes
j. anything else that Soka University deems inappropriate

3. Soka University has the right to delete information that violates these terms.

Term 12. Handling of Personal Information

1. Soka University will adhere to the private policy to secure the personal data of the applicant at the time of registration. In addition, this service will record information that will not identify an individual; this includes IP address, type of web browser, mobile model. These information will be used for this service as well as the following:
a. for inquiries and complaints regarding the service
b. to administer questionnaires
c. to conduct research, keep statistics, and analyze data
d. to maintain the system

2. Soka University has the right to provide personal information of the registered applicant to a third party in the occasions set forth below:
a. if the person has the applicant’s consent
b. if requested by the Court, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police Office, Tax Office or other authority with legitimate reasons
c. Soka University has the right to outsource a job to a third party to operate this service
d. When outsourcing a job as stated above, Soka University may provide some or all personal information to the third party. Under the condition that the third party will manage the information in the same way as Soka University, the third party will be instructed and supervised by Soka University so as not to leak any information.
e. when accepted by Private Information Protection Law or other law.

Term 13. Violation of the Terms

1. Soka University has the right to terminate the use of the service or revoke the application eligibility without prior notification to the applicants if they fall under the following categories:
a. if applicants violate these terms
b. if the registered information includes untrue statement or fraud or if there is a duplicate application
c. if Soka University deems that the applicants caused undue inconveniences to other applicants
d. all other cases where Soka University deems inappropriate as an applicant

2. Applicants whose application eligibility was revoked or was terminated may be rejected refiled application.

Term 14. Responsibility of Soka University

1. Soka University does not bear responsibility for any loss caused to the applicants due to their incorrect input of the information, failure to receive e-mails, or any cause beyond the control of Soka University such as natural disaster, conflict or revolt.
2. Applicants are responsible for the use of this service, and Soka University will not bear any responsibility.
3. Applicants are to use this service within the confines of the law. Even if the applicants contravene a law in and out of the country, Soka University will not bear any responsibility.
4. If applicants suffer a loss due to reasons attributable to Soka University which are not stated in these terms, consultation will be held with the applicant to solve the problem.
5. If applicants suffer a loss due to the intention or error of Soka University, consultation will be held with the applicant to solve the problem.

Term. 15 Notice from the University

1. Notifications from the university will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the applicants.
2. Notification from the university will be complete when posted on the service, or when the e-mail has been sent to the applicants. Term 16. Termination, Change, and Suspension of the Service
Soka University may terminate, change, or suspend part of or the whole service without prior notification to the users due to maintenance, operation, and construction reasons of this service. If this cause any loss to the applicants, Soka University will not bear any responsibility.

Term 17. Applicable Law

Applicable law for this service and terms is Japanese law.

Term 18. Jurisdiction

If any conflict related to the service and the understanding of these terms arises, Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction by consent for the first trial.

Term 19. Others

Items that are not stated in these terms will be attributed to the Admissions Guideline.